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Lawn Mowing in Hickman, Roca and Firth Ne

Due to my familiarity with south Lincoln and the sourround towns such as Hickman, Roca and Firth, I'm please to offer my lawn mowing services to those residential lawns as well. Please call or email to get your free quote. I can start mowing tomorrow!

Mowing Height and Root Health

A great way to keep your grass looking healthy as possible, especially in the Nebraska heat, is to keep your mower blade higher. This can help increase root depth, which in turn helps root development. It's best to choose one mowing height for the season and stay consistant and not burn the grass and root system. The recommended grass height is about 2.5" - 3.5" for Kentucky Blue Grass and 3.0" - 3.5" for Fescue Grass.
Utilizing a taller mowing height can reduce the germination of crab grass, even with no pre-emergent herbicide application.
I prefer mulching for the most part, due to it helping retain nitrogen in the soil. If you have to cut off more than 1/3 of the grass, then bagging is probably your best choice so that thatch does not develop, which can harm the live grass due to not enough light hitting the live grass, and possibly causing lawn disease.
I hope this lawn mowing information was valuable to you.

Newest Lawn Care Company in Lincoln Ne

Thank you for stopping by the new website and supporting my new business I started, mainly due to COVID-19 keeping us school aged kids at home. I've always enjoyed mowing lawns and the exercise that comes with it. I would love to start mowing your lawn, if you're in the Lincoln area. Please contact me and let me know what times and days are needed for your lawn mowing service.